Collecting cultural heritage through intergenerational walks

The Project Brings Institutions Together
From all over the Europe for a Unique Aim…

Nowadays in a highly globalized world, territories are losing their identity, their tangible and intangible cultural heritage. On this matter senior people own lot’s of knowledge about their environment’s history, which will disappear once they are no longer with us.

“Innovative Tourism – Collecting Cultural Heritage Through Intergenerational Walks” is a project which aims developing innovative and available tourism products for everyone by collecting cultural heritage through intergenerational walks. The project will let citizens to share their videos through an app. while motivating the locals, the tourists, the senior people and the youngsters to get out of the house and keep them healthy both physically and mentally.

Co-financed by the Erasmus + Programme (Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education – Cooperation for Innovation & the Exchange of Good Practices), partners in this project, coming from 6 different countries, are interested in promoting healthy lifestyles at the same time as promoting their territories and preserving their cultural heritage.


Target groups involve professionals working in tourism, sports, health and with youngster and senior people.


The project will develop two intellectual outputs: a Co+ Crew App where cities, tourists and citizens can upload information about their place, artefacts, nature – collect their cultural heritage and share with others; and a guideline on how to work with intergenerational groups and with storytelling as a mean of communicating 


Preserving the knowledge of the elderly in a modern technology, improving senior people physical, mental and social health, new products (app and guide) for tourist promotion through local ambassadors and stories.

Programme: Erasmus + KA2 Vocational Education

Starting date: 01/ 09/ 2018

Ending date: 28/ 02/ 2021

Budget: 183.352,00 €

Partners: DGI Vestjylland (Denmark), Ceutí Municipality (Spain), Hop Ubiquitous (Spain), Colegiul Economic Buzau (Romania), Stowarzyszenie Szansa dla Aktywnych (Poland), Gaziosmanpasa University (Turkey) and City of Varazdin (Croatia).

DGI Vestjylland

DGI is a sports association in Denmark that works to improve the conditions for our more than 6.300 member sport clubs and their more than 1.5 million members. Since its founding in 1992, DGI has been a strong advocate for creating a community which encourages members to join the local sport clubs and sport associations, and in which the individual can thrive. DGI is divided into 14 regions and DGI Vestjylland is one of them. DGI Vestjylland covers four municipalities, Lemvig, Struer, Holstebro and Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality, and has more than 65.000 members, who are engaged in 280 sport clubs. We arrange over 500 events a year covering more than 25 different sports and activities.

The project will be implemented in Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality due to its nature and cultural heritage. Through this project, DGI Vestjylland wants to motivate people to be more active and to be part of local communities. With emphasis on senior people we want to improve their social, mental and physical health and through the senior peoples stories to bring the young generation closer to them. In that way the young generation can learn more about their municipality’s cultural heritage and both generations can become part of intergenerational communities, where they can thrive both socially, mentally and physically. We also hope that Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality will benefit from these stories and intergenerational walks by making the municipality more attractive in regards of the population, local enterprises and tourists.


Danske Gymnastik og Idrætsforen. Vestjylland

Tingvej 5, Denmark. 

Website: https://www.dgi.dk

Email: vestjylland@dgi.dk

Telephone: +4579404250

Fax: +4579404250

Ayuntamiento de Ceutí

Ceutí is a municipality of 10.34 km2, situated in the Southeast of Spain, in the Region of Murcia. Despite its small size, Ceutí has been a cultural reference point during the last 15 years and active in EU projects. It has an interesting tourist offer: an Open Air Museum with sculptures and murals from important artists, a contemporary art centre managed by the regional government, 7 Chimneys Museum devoted to the traditional canning industry and Antonio Campillo Museum hosting the biggest collection of this sculptor. Another important priority for Ceutí is health promotion: The municipality has adhered to the National Strategy for the Promotion of Health of the Ministry of Health in Madrid, whose main objective is that our population gain years of good health.


Ayuntamiento de Ceutí. Ceutí, Murcia

Plaza José Virgili, 1 , 30562, Spain. 

Website: http://www.ceuti.es

Email: info@ceuti.es

Telephone: +34968690151

Fax: +34968691373

HOP Ubiquitous

HOP Ubiquitous, S.L. (HOPU) is a SME established in Spain. HOP means Human Oriented Products; therefore we are specialized in designing solutions focused on people engagement with a high level of usability. In particular, HOPU solutions are focused on Smart Cities covering from multiple sensing capabilities to also the interaction with the people using innovative approaches such as ibeacon and Physical Web. All these sensors are offered in the different versions of the called Smart Spot (http://smartcities.hopu.eu/ smart-spot.html). HOPU offers customization for the encapsulation into final products, design, and development of ad-hoc applications and firmware. Thereby, HOPU enables a wide range of capabilities through IoT devices with the Internet and cloud computing integration.


HOP Ubiquitous,

Luis Bunuel, 6.
30562 Ceuti, Murcia, Spain.

Website: https://www.hopu.eu

Email: info@hopu.eu

Telephone: +34 968 97 89 58

Fax: +34 627 228 126

Colegiul Economic Buzau

Colegiul Economic Buzau is a big vocational training school (over 1000 students) in the southeast of Romania, region Buzau. It is specialized in business administration and tourism studies. Most of the students come from rural areas and from poor families. It is important for them to find out new ways of living, new opportunities they can have in the future. Also in the last years, an important number of students come from roma families and we are making great efforts to integrate them in our programs. With every year, the number of students that need our special attention is higher. We try year by year to create equal chances for our students and to avoid social exclusion. For that, special programs have been developed which are monitored by staff and qualified persons.


Colegiul Economic Buzau,

T. Vladimirescu, 15,
120360, Buzau, Romania.

Website: http://www.colegiuleconomic.rdsbz.ro

Email: economic.buzau@yahoo.com

Telephone: +40238724247

Fax: +40238721197

Gaziosmanpasa University

Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, founded in 1992, is a university that is transparent, participatory, enterprising, producing information and technology, contributing to the economic, social and cultural structure of Turkey. The university has 34.747 by the 2017-2018 academic year and there are 113 programs in associate, 73 in undergraduate, 47 in masters and 21 in doctorate programs in education. The number of academic staff is 1228, administrative staff is 1067. Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University has a mission, which is to educate entrepreneurial and innovative individuals who will have universal values, respect to people, society and nature, who will contribute to the socio-cultural and economic development of the country, to make scientific studies to produce solutions to regional, national and international problems, to present the university’s knowledge to the service of humanity. TOGU is aiming to be a university that has a national and international recognition and preference, which has a direct impact on the welfare and culture of all human beings, particularly the sustainable development of the region and our country, through its collaborative efforts and collaborations with stakeholders.


Tokat Gaziosmanpasa Üniversitesi,
Taşlıciftlik Yerleskesi,
60250, Tokat, Turkey.

Website: http://www.gop.edu.tr

Email: info@gop.edu.tr

Telephone: +90 356 252 16 16

Fax: +90 356 252 16 16

Stowarzyszenie Szansa dla Aktywnych

The Association Opportunity for the Active is non-governmental organisation with 17 trainers and 72 trainees. The association was initiated on behalf of people of Topola-Osiedle and Przygodzice Commune (central Poland between Wrocław and Poznań). Its main objective is to increase the standard of living of a local community. It also supports environmental protection, inclusion and integration education, employment, culture and sport actions as well supports individual people and organizations, which take similar actions. The Association aims to initiate various educational actions designed to implement values and European standards, able to bring a new European dimension to the current context. In addition, the association is concerned with on-going communication and collaborative relationships locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


Stowarzyszenie Szansa dla Aktywnych

Janków Przygodzki, Szkolna 4, Przygodzice, Poland. 


Email: stowarzyszenie_sda@wp.pl

Telephone: +48662212084

Fax: +48627350672

Grad Varazdin

City of Varaždin (CMV) is a local self-government and the main activities which are in city domain are: settlements establishing and housing; urban and regional planning; economy development; communal services; transport and traffic infrastructure; children and social welfare; nurture and education; culture, customer protection; environment protection and improvement; issuing of construction and location permits and other affairs in accordance with particular laws. Besides main activities, CMV is also intensively included in implementation of EU funded projects (associated to all domains within CMV functioning).


Grad Varazdin,
Trg kralja Tomislava 1,
42000, Varazdin, Croatia.

Website: https://varazdin.hr

Email: info@varazdin.hr

Telephone: +385 42 402 502

Fax: +385 42 210 742

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